Looking for an independent contractor to edit real estate photos. My clients expect very high quality work and consistency. I handcraft each image with care and a candidate would need to be able to emulate my style with little training. Click here to see an example of the level of work I do


The ideal candidate would be: 



A self starter who works well without supervision

Able to meet deadlines

Able to work quickly while being extremely detail oriented

​Willing to learn my particular style of editing

Able to work a minimum of 2-3 days per week

Willing and able to work evenings/nights.


This is meticulous work that requires a high level of skill. The ideal candidate would:

Be highly proficient in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw

Have professional photo editing experience

Have experience processing HDR images


A well equipped work station is a must for this type of work. The ideal candidate would: 

Use Photoshop CC

Use a computer with 16+ gigs of RAM with dual monitors or a large single monitor

​Use a Wacom tablet

Own or be willing to purchase certain third party filters



If you feel you are a strong candidate and are interested in the position, please send resume to [email protected]