Marilynn Kay Photography SellAdvantage

The most successful real estate agents know the necessity in today's market of investing not only in professional photos, but in breathtaking images that make it almost impossible for prospective buyers to overlook your listing. If you're one of these agents, or intend to be, you're going to love our new, elite, SellAdvantage marketing package. 

What makes our SellAdvantage images so great? Here is a brief description of some of our techniques, followed by more information on each along with examples.

  • UltraToning/Natural Lighting - Shooting without flash or other artificial lighting other than the lamps and other lights that are already present in the room, creating soft, even, natural lighting
  • Sky replacements - If the sky is dull and colorless, it is replaced by one that is interesting and has color in it
  • Aerial pole photography - The exterior image of a home can often be enhanced by elevating the camera several feet into the air. 
  • Optional custom video slide show- adds an emotional element to the images to further draw in potential buyer
  • Intensive editing to make your images look like they came out of a magazine!
  • Featured on the Marilynn Kay Photography website - to provide another way buyers can find your listing

Here are more details on each of these:


Photographing with only window light and the lamps and other lighting that is already present in the home allows these fixtures to emit a warm glow that is very inviting and appealing.  Using flash or other photographic lighting overpowers these, and can create harsh shadows and a stark look caused by too much contrast.  

Natural light photography allows sunlight to spill beautifully through windows into a room.

No dark doorways! Shooting with only ambient light allows adjoining rooms to be just as well lit at the room the camera is in.  The only other way to light a scene such as this would be to set up multiple lights to illuminate each room which can be very time consuming and it still wouldn't look as good as this!



The exterior photos of a listing are extremely important because they are the first images of the home a buyer will see and so they must grab their attention or it's possible that they may not look at the rest of the images. With SellAdvantage, even if shooting on a cloudy day, we will place a colorful, natural looking sky in your images.  



Elevating the camera can be helpful in many situations, such as in this case. The first photo shows the underside of the deck and isn't attractive at all. In the second image, taken with the camera about 15 feet in the air, shows the deck beautifully! It would not have been possible to get a good view of the deck and the house without the use of aerial photography.

In this comparison, notice how the gate is blocking the front of the house. By raising the camera, you can see much more of the home, as well as the view.

Sometimes the pole is helpful for making certain objects less noticeable. In this case, there was a very obvious tower directly behind the house. Elevating the camera not only made the tower much less apparent, but also allowed a full shot of the house without including the road and mailbox. No editing was done to obscure the tower.




A roaring fire makes such a difference to the ambience of a room! When you order SellAdvantage, we put a digital fire in every working fireplace and it will look totally realistic......even if it has a screen in front of it!