USAGE: Agent is purchasing a license to use photos for the sole purpose of marketing their property listing, not the photos themselves. Licensee is permitted to use licensed photos via print, web or other media for the purpose of selling the listed property, for the period that the home is listed by the licensee. License expires when the listed property sells or the listing is otherwise terminated.

COPYRIGHT: Copyright of the photos is owned by Marilynn Kay Photography. License is non-transferable and may not be loaned, given, or sold to other agents, sellers of the property, vendors, or anyone else, except by Marilynn Kay Photography, Inc. or by purchasing an extended use license.

PREPARATION FOR PHOTOS: A certain amount of time is allotted for the photography based on the number of photos ordered. Property is expected to be ready to photograph at scheduled time.  If it's not properly prepared for photos it may have to be rescheduled and an additional fee of up to 50% of the order may be charged. 

​ASSISTANCE: It is expected that agent or agent's representative will accompany photographer and make small preparations as suggested by photographer unless other arrangements are made when scheduling. If photographer is unaccompanied,  property may be photographed in its current condition with the exception of lights being turned on.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Up to four sky replacements are included in price when necessary, but if rescheduling is warranted, such as when the house has an exceptional long range view, the next available appointment will be offered. 

CANCELLATIONS: Any scheduled session that is cancelled or postponed less than 48 hours (business days counted only) except due to the weather conditions stated above, a cancellation fee of 50% of the package ordered may be charged. 

CHANGE REQUESTS: Any requests for changes or corrections of images must be made within one week of delivery of the images.

TURNAROUND: Most jobs will be completed in 1-2 days. If we think it might take more time we will let you know when we set the appointment. 

PAYMENT: Unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance, payment will be made before photos are released.